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Panocapture - HDRi and Backplate Images

Panocapture creates high resoulution panoramic HDRi maps and photographic backplates for use with 3D rendering software such as Modo, Lightwave 3D, Maya, Blender, VRay, Keyshot, MentalRay, Renderman etc. Our images are captured using a Promote controlled full frame DSLR and Nodal Ninja Panoramic Head. Spherical HDR images up to 16000 x 8000 pixel resolution and 12 stops exposure for your image based lighting scenes.

StreetNightRoundaboutGTRwide               Veyron_CountryRoad02_Render               GTR_QparkRoof01White_2000_1000               ScanRoom_5_Character

Best Selling Bundles

  • Scan Room Pack

    8 HDRi Bundle only £8!

  • Automotive Pack Volume 2

    17 HDRi & 330 Backplates! Just £49.99

  • Awesome Car Rendering

    The best selling 16 HDRi Pack

Panocapture is a leading resource for high resolution spherical HDRi maps and backplates for use in the CGI and advertising industry.

Run by experienced professional 3D artists with over 20 years production experience both in videogame development, TV commercials, Pop videos, game cinematics, game asset modelling, Photography, 3D Rendering and visual effects. Panocapture is a resource first and foremost for the artist.

HDRi or High Dynamic Range images are used to create highly realistic looking 3D rendered scenes as both a lighting and reflection source. Used in the production of any kind of 3D rendering, the HDRi process “captures” the lighting conditions in a location with a much higher dynamic range than a traditional photograph or backplate can achieve. Typically our HDRi maps are spherical panoramas of up 16000 x 8000 pixels that contains up to 12 exposures ranging from underexposed to overexposed. This Spherical HDRi image can then be used within 3D rendering packages to recreate the exact lighting conditions of the original location.

Combined with a matching or similar photographic backplate or backdrop, the HDRi map or HDRi Dome can be used for example in automotive rendering for print or screen advertising work.

Panocapture produces HDRi environment maps, photographic backplates, automotive backgrounds, street and urban photography and environments using a professional full frame camera, panoramic heads, computerised remotes and car mounted camera rigs to capture the most accurate and varied environments.