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Who is Panocapture?

Panocapture is run by me, Andy Turner.

I’ve been a digital artist for over 15 years, I was co- director of  ArkVFX, an animtion studios for 7 years producing TV ads and Pop promos and I’ve worked for various video game developers both as an employee and now as a freelance artist as Supermachine.

I’m also part of the CGI collective Ten24 and Panocapture has become a part of the group of creative resources that we run. I continue to work on some of the biggest game titles as a modeller and animator along with running Panocaptue in my spare time.

What do we do?

Panocapture was set up as a desire to combine the skills and experience as a CGI artist with a knowledge and passion for photography. There are plenty of HDRi sites out there where you can find low resolution spherical HDRI maps either free or paid, some come with background plates, but I struggled to find a source of interesting, good quality, full resolution images that weren’t prohibitively expensive. My ethos is to go out and find good locations, shoot fast, capture the area with interesting angles for background plates and deliver them at their original full resolution packaged neatly and simply for easy download.

How is it done?

I use a Nikon D600 full frame DSLR for shooting both HDR and background plates. I try to shoot the HDR and plates as fast as possible so that I capture the same lighting conditions at the same time so the resulting rendered images always look correct. Panocaptures spherical HDRi are almost always shot with a 12 stop exposure range and output at 16000 x 8000 resolution as a Radiance .hdr file for maximum quality.

I use a Promote Controller to shoot the bracketed images fast, each HDRi shooting sequence usually only takes around a minute (depending on the lighting conditions) and ensures that the resulting HDRI is consistently lit.

I normally like to shoot 8 image sets (6 longitudinally 1 zenith and 1 nadir)  per HDR using a Nikkor 16mm full frame fisheye lens. I’ll merge each set of 12 exposures per set into a .hdr file then all 8 images will be processed into the full size spherical HDRI in PTGui.

I hope you find the collection of images on this site useful, I’m developing it for use by people like me, 3D artists who want good quality, interesting HDR images for either production or personal work.


You can find out more about me and my work here : Supermachine CGI

For more information on Ten24 and 3D scanning: Ten24