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Licensing & Terms

Panocapture Store Licence Agreements


This document is a license agreement (“License”) by panocapture.com between the user (“You”) and Panocapture. Use of the images on the panocapture website is conditional upon the your agreement to the terms and conditions of purchase set out below. If you do not agree to these terms, then you must not accept the terms hereof or purchase, download, access or otherwise use any products from Panocapture




Panocapture offers HDRi images, photogaphic backplates, ed models and tutorials on its website (www.Panocapture.com) for 3d artists, game developers, special effects artists, graphic designers and other professions. Some of the assets may be created by 3d party contributors (“Contributors”). Panocapture has separate agreements with these Contributors in which they grant Panocapture permission to add their models and tutorials to the website. All terms and conditions in this License apply to both


The license granted for the use of the images and models gives you no lawful right to submit, use or otherwise make available the images or assets for resale. Use of the images in such manner will be an infringement of the intellectual property rights and Panocapture reserves its right to take action to prevent any such infringement.




All materials including the organization and presentation of these materials on the Panocapture website are the property of Panocapture or its Contributors and are protected by intellectual property laws. Some images may contain graphic materials like, logos or product names. The use of these kind of recognisable graphics, logos or product names in any image is at your own discretion. Panocapture does not claim to own the rights to all graphic content in it’s images.




Use of the images or models is only allowed under the following conditions:

– Private or commercial use (depending on purchased licence)

– Use in 2D or 3D computer graphics, websites, movies and printed media

– Incorporation in computer games, 3D models



Purchasing a commercial use licence allows for the following ::

– Integration of HDRi & Backplate images into any commercial product or promotional material relating to a commercial project or product


Purchasing a commercial use licence does not allow for the following ::

– Resale of the images modified or otherwise

– Use commercially or for profit a free download or giveaway product without expressed permission.

– Resale of a printed version of the image modified or otherwise without expressed permission.



Purchasing a REGULAR LICENCE allows for the following ::

– Use of the images for personal projects, anatomical study or portfolio work

– printing of the images for personal reference


Purchasing a REGULAR LICENCE does not allow for the following ::

– Resale of the images in any  format

– Use commercially or for profit a free download or giveaway product without expressed permission.

– Using the images or any derivative of the images within a commercial product or project

– Promotion of a commercial product or project


It is NOT permitted to:

– Sell or distribute any of these images in an unmodified form, or where the derived product you are selling or distributing is a HDRi resource or library. IN OTHER WORDS: Do not sell or distribute any of these images (modified or not) by itself or in a texture pack, material, clip art, website theme or scrap booking pack.

– Re-sell any image as a print

– Bundle the images with software such as, 3D programs, photo-kiosk software.

– Reselling or redistributing the images at ‘print on demand’ services (mugs, t-shirts, mouse mats, etc)

– Use commercially or for profit a free download or giveaway product without expressed permission.

– Using a special program (spider, leecher) or script to automatically download all images and assets on the Panocapture website. Users who try to mass download will be banned from the website automatically.

– Interfere with the security or otherwise abuse, disrupt, place excessive loads on, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Panocapture website or any system resources or networks connected to this website.

– Release the images or asstes or derivative products under Open Source Licences





Panocapture respects the privacy of the personal information of the individuals with whom we interact. Panocapture does not disclose personal information of our members or those individuals who visit our website. No newsletters or offers will be sent to you without your prior consent. Any information submitted by the buyer will be used solely for the purpose of completing the transaction, delivering the product and addressing any customer service issues.




You assume all responsibility and risk for the use of the Panocapture website, the images, models, materials and information.

Panocapture does not represent or warrant that the site or any content available for downloading through the site will be free of viruses or similar contaminations of destructive features.


In no event shall Panocapture or any of its affiliates, employees or Contributors be liable for any incidental, indirect, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages whatsoever, including damages for loss of profits, interruption, loss of business information, loss of data, or any other pecuniary loss in connection with any claim, loss, action, suit, damage or other proceeding arising under or out of this License, including without limitation your use of, reliance upon, access to or exploitation of the Panocapture website, the materials or any part thereof, or any rights granted to you hereunder, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damaged, whether the action is based on contract, tort (including negligence), infringement of intellectual property rights or otherwise.




You agree to indemnify and hold Panocapture harmless against all claims or liability asserted against Panocapture arising out of or in connection with any breach by you or anyone acting on your behalf of any of this License




This License shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The United Kingdom, without regards to conflict of laws provisions thereto. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of, and venue and situs in the United Kingdom.




Panocapture reserves the right to terminate the license of the use of the materials on Panocapture if the user is found in breach of this License and does not remedy that breach within three (3) days of receiving notice from Panocapture

EMAIL: andy@panocapture.com


Feel free to email any questions regarding this license or any other questions about Panocapture to andy@panocapture.com





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