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Mega Pack 1.0 Collection

From: £79.99




The Mega Pack 1.0 collection is the most comprehensive pack of high dynamic range 360 degree panoramas with matching backplates we’ve produced. The 30GB pack is split into 5 parts for easy download and includes a huge selection of the HDRi and backplates currently available from Panocapture.


Data Set

  • 139 full resolution 360 degree panoramic high dynamic range images for lighting and reflections.
  • Also includes 830 24 megapixel backplates shot for selected HDRi packs.

Includes the packs:

Plus bonus HDRi

  • Stairwell 01 HDRI map
  • Stairwell 02 HDRI map


Selected HDRI Images




Example Renders


Selected Backplates



Additional 3D Renders

Renders created in Modo using the abandoned building HDRI pack